2007 Movie Rating List (30 movies)

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2007-01-27 Dreamgirls Liked it Really liked it  
2007-01-28 Volver Liked it Liked it Amazing how a gay man can put so much feminine pulchritude on display
2007-01-30 The Queen n/a Really liked it  
2007-03-04 Reno 911!: Miami Liked it Liked it Good fun for those that like the show
2007-03-11 Zodiac Really liked it Loved it!  
2007-03-16 300 Really liked it Loved it! Marion's rating is jacked up one level due to all of the fan-AB-ulous beefcake
2007-03-29 Namesake n/a Liked it  
2007-05-10 Black Book n/a Liked it Dutch & German w/subtitles - not your usual violent Verhoeven flick
2007-05-12 Disturbia Just okay Just okay If the kids like this one, get them to watch the inspiration - Rear Window
2007-05-19 Shrek the Third Liked it Liked it  
2007-05-20 Spiderman 3 Just okay Just okay  
2007-06-14 Hostel: Part II Liked it n/a Travel tip: Really, really avoid Bratislava
2007-06-15 Knocked Up Really liked it Really liked it  
2007-07-04 Ratatouille Liked it Liked it  
2007-07-08 Transformers Liked it Liked it  
2007-07-12 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Liked it Liked it  
2007-07-28 The Simpsons Movie Liked it Liked it  
2007-08-18 Superbad Loved it! Loved it!  
2007-08-18 The Bourne Ultimatum Really liked it Liked it  
2007-08-19 The Last Legion Just okay Just okay A mix of history and hooey
2007-09-16 3:10 to Yuma Liked it Liked it  
2007-09-30 Resident Evil: Extinction Just okay Just okay Milla Jovovich as an ass-kicking genetically altered zombie killing machine...is there any real question what this movie is like?
2007-10-07 Death at a Funeral Just okay Just okay Lots of funny bits, but also some dead spots between them
2007-10-27 Gone Baby Gone Loved it! Loved it!  
2007-11-04 American Gangster Loved it! Loved it!  
2007-11-12 30 Days of Night Really liked it n/a Really great performance from Danny Huston and an overall great vibe
2007-11-16 Love in the Time of Cholera n/a Really liked it Kurt was out of town
2007-12-08 Enchanted Really liked it Really liked it  
2007-12-08 The Golden Compass Liked it Liked it  
2007-12-09 No Country for Old Men Loved it! Loved it!  

Movies we have rented from Netflix (13 movies).

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2007-01-27 Madagascar Liked it Liked it  
2007-02-04 Jackass Just okay Just okay  
2007-02-21 The Ice Harvest Just okay Just okay Not as good as we'd hoped
2007-03-24 Crash Loved it! Loved it!  
2007-04-29 Closer Liked it Just okay  
2007-06-10 Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room Liked it Liked it Not as infuriating as we'd feared. Our TV is intact.
2007-06-10 Garden State Just okay Just okay  
2007-06-24 Chariots of Fire Really liked it Really liked it  
2007-07-04 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Just okay Just okay  
2007-07-15 Tipping the Velvet Just okay Just okay Soft core lesbian porn from the Beeb
2007-07-15 Withnail and I Just okay Just okay  
2007-12-09 The Boondock Saints Really liked it Really liked it  
2007-12-16 Equilibrium Just okay Just okay This is half a good movie mixed with half a terrible movie almost on a scene by scene basis. Lots of good talent slumming in this one.

Since we changed our rating system, I thought we should explain what the various icons mean. See the table for the meanings.
Icon Meaning
Loved it!Loved it!
Really liked itReally liked it
Liked itLiked it
Just okayJust okay
Didn't like itDidn't like it
Hated it!Hated it!
n/a n/a
zzzz zzzz