2005 Movie Rating List (39 movies)

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2005-01-07 House of Flying Daggers Really liked it Really liked it  
2005-01-15 A Very Long Engagement Loved it! Loved it! Another excellent film from Jeunet
2005-01-17 The Aviator Really liked it Liked it  
2005-02-06 Million Dollar Baby Loved it! Really liked it  
2005-02-13 Finding Neverland Loved it! Loved it! Another fantastic performance by Johnny Depp. Sad that he'll most likely be overlooked by Oscar again in favor of (admittedly deserving) Jamie Foxx
2005-02-21 Constantine Just okay Just okay Not as bad as we'd feared, but not Hellblazer to be sure.
2005-04-03 Sin City Loved it! Loved it! An amazing replication of the comic book stories down to the exact compositioins in many cases.
2005-04-05 Hitch n/a Just okay  
2005-04-22 Kung Fu Hustle Really liked it Really liked it Another fun movie from Steven Chown, creator of God of Cookery and Shaolin Soccer
2005-05-01 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Liked it Liked it Enjoyable overall, if a bit flat
2005-05-01 The Interpreter Liked it Liked it  
2005-05-08 Kingdom of Heaven Liked it Liked it You just gotta love a movie with trebuchets and siege engines
2005-05-19 Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith n/a Liked it Kurt was in L.A. attending E3, so only Marion got to go during the opening days.
2005-05-23 Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith Liked it n/a Kurt's opportunity to finally stop worrying about spoilers
2005-05-29 Layer Cake Really liked it Loved it! Taut British gangster movie
2005-05-29 Unleashed Liked it Just okay Marion thought the fights were too long. I didn't.
2005-06-24 Batman Begins Liked it Liked it They got the tone right and Christian Bale does a nice job (Michael Caine as well)
2005-06-25 Howl's Moving Castle Loved it! Loved it! Miyazaki puts together another enchanting film
2005-06-26 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Liked it Just okay Breezy summer fun
2005-07-09 War of the Worlds Liked it Liked it  
2005-07-23 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Liked it Liked it Depp plays Wonka as a total nutbar (ironic, eh?)
2005-07-31 Bad News Bears Liked it Just okay Not a bad remake. They didn't cop out and change the ending.
2005-07-31 Wedding Crashers Really liked it Really liked it  
2005-08-21 Broken Flowers Liked it Liked it  
2005-08-21 The Aristocrats Really liked it Really liked it Not for the faint of heart or the easily offended
2005-08-28 40 Year Old Virgin Liked it Really liked it  
2005-08-28 Brothers Grimm Liked it Just okay Visually stunning, but emotionally dead
2005-09-18 2046 Liked it Liked it Not quite the sci-fi movie we expected from the trailer
2005-09-30 Serenity Loved it! Loved it! I swallowed a bug.
2005-10-22 Wallace & Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Loved it! zzzz  
2005-10-29 A History of Violence Really liked it Really liked it  
2005-10-29 Flightplan Liked it Liked it  
2005-11-05 Jarhead Really liked it Really liked it  
2005-11-12 Good Night and Good Luck Loved it! Loved it!  
2005-11-18 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Really liked it Really liked it  
2005-12-11 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Liked it Just okay  
2005-12-19 Syriana Loved it! Loved it! Very intense all the way through. Not for those looking to switch their brains off at the movies.
2005-12-23 King Kong Really liked it Loved it! Marion doesn't like the story (she feels that Kong gets the shaft), but we both felt movie was well done
2005-12-24 Fun with Dick and Jane Just okay Just okay  

Movies we have rented from Netflix (19 movies).

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2005-01-31 Luther Liked it Liked it  
2005-02-01 Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes Liked it Just okay  
2005-06-17 Advertising Rules! Liked it Liked it  
2005-08-04 Laurel Canyon Liked it n/a  
2005-08-05 Barbershop Liked it Liked it  
2005-08-12 Cube Just okay Just okay Kind of movie of the week in production quality, but an enjoyable story
2005-08-12 Underworld Liked it Just okay  
2005-09-07 Spellbound Liked it Liked it  
2005-09-25 American Splendor Liked it Liked it Another great performance from Paul Giamatti
2005-09-25 Frida Just okay Just okay Interesting integration of Frida's art with the scenes
2005-09-30 Porn Star Just okay Just okay Marion was a bit wary about this one, but it wasn't too bad.
2005-10-12 Matchstick Men Really liked it Liked it  
2005-10-15 Series 7 Liked it Liked it Extremely black satire. Not for the faint of heart. Would have been funnier if the comedy had been more broad
2005-10-15 The Hidden Fortress Loved it! Really liked it  
2005-10-22 The Comedian Harmonists Really liked it Loved it!  
2005-11-24 Bad Santa Liked it Liked it Our favorite scene was the one with the boxing. Completely politically incorrect.
2005-11-24 Resident Evil Liked it Liked it Dumb monster movie fun
2005-11-28 Resident Evil: Apocalypse Just okay Just okay  
2005-12-24 Pitch Black Liked it Liked it Surprisingly, we liked it

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