2004 Movie Rating List (46 movies)

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2004-01-01 Calendar Girls Liked it Just okay  
2004-01-10 Bubba Ho-Tep Liked it Liked it Not as campy as we thought it would be
2004-01-18 Big Fish Really liked it Really liked it  
2004-02-08 The Triplets of Belleville Really liked it Really liked it Pretty much wordless storytelling. Amazing!
2004-02-14 Touching the Void Really liked it Really liked it Marion: Nerve-racking. This is why I have no interest in mountain climbing.
2004-02-29 Eurotrip Liked it Liked it Dopey fun
2004-03-07 Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Just okay Just okay  
2004-03-10 The Passion of the Christ n/a n/a Mel's version of a very small section of the New Testament. A Christian's movie, it is impossible to tell why the action is taking place unless you already know the story. Cinematography was great. Ratings intentionally omitted.
2004-03-27 Jersey Girl Liked it Liked it  
2004-03-28 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Loved it! Really liked it  
2004-03-28 Goodbye, Lenin! Liked it Liked it  
2004-04-04 Hellboy Loved it! Loved it! A dash of Nazi occultism, a pinch of Cthulu, and bit of ass kicking
2004-04-19 Kill Bill, vol. 2 Really liked it Liked it  
2004-05-02 Ella Enchanted Just okay Just okay Rehashed and cliched, but tolerable. Complete waste of Joanna Lumley and Cary Elwes.
2004-05-22 Troy Just okay Liked it Marion says it gets bumped a point for the beefcake factor. I disagree.
2004-05-23 Shrek 2 Liked it Liked it Goofy summer fun
2004-05-23 The Ladykillers Liked it Just okay Haven't seen the Alec Guiness version...
2004-06-06 SuperSize Me Liked it Liked it Obviously an extreme case, but certainly gives food for thought (want fries with that thought?)
2004-06-07 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Really liked it Really liked it Best one so far
2004-06-12 Saved Liked it Really liked it  
2004-06-19 Twilight Samurai Loved it! Loved it! Need to see it again, next time without the fire alarm and mid-movie theater evacuation
2004-06-27 Dodgeball Really liked it Really liked it Hilariously stupid. "You had me at blood and semen"
2004-06-27 The Notebook Really liked it Really liked it Break out the hankies....
2004-06-30 Spiderman 2 Really liked it Really liked it Continues the goodness from the previous film. Doesn't remove the essential element: Peter Parker's struggle with his secret identity versus his desires for a normal life
2004-07-04 Van Helsing Just okay Just okay Vampires and werewolves and Frankenstein's monster, oh my. I can't even remember all the snarky comments we made about this afterwards. Good thing we saw it at the cheap theater.
2004-07-05 The Clearing Really liked it Really liked it An acting master class from Redford, Mirren and Dafoe.
2004-07-11 Fahrenheit 9/11 Liked it Liked it Hard to rate something like this. Everyone should see this regardless of your political leanings.
2004-07-12 King Arthur Liked it Liked it Interesting take on an old story. Drags a bit in spots.
2004-07-18 I, Robot Really liked it Really liked it  
2004-07-24 The Bourne Supremacy Really liked it Really liked it Another nice performance by Matt Damon in a spy movie that breaks the mold of self-assured agent
2004-07-25 The Door in the Floor Loved it! Loved it! Great translation of the Irving book (A Widow for One Year)
2004-07-31 The Village Liked it Liked it  
2004-09-05 Hero Loved it! Loved it! Jet Li kicking ass. How can you go wrong?
2004-09-13 Collateral Loved it! Loved it! Michael Mann is a master of mood and style. Jamie Foxx gives a great performance.
2004-09-18 Silver City Liked it Liked it  
2004-10-16 Red Lights Liked it Liked it  
2004-10-16 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Just okay Just okay Stunning visuals, pedestrian story
2004-10-24 I Heart Huckabees Liked it Liked it Odd and filled with psychobabble, but fun
2004-10-27 The Grudge Really liked it n/a Buckets of creepiness (Marion doesn't do horror movies - hence no rating from her)
2004-10-31 Being Julia Just okay Just okay  
2004-11-14 The Incredibles Really liked it Really liked it  
2004-11-17 Saw Liked it n/a Again, horror = no Marion
2004-11-21 Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie Liked it Liked it  
2004-11-28 National Treasure Liked it Just okay Utterly implausible, but still fun
2004-11-28 Ray Loved it! Loved it! Outstanding performance by Jamie Foxx (again). Doesn't sand off the rough edges of the man
2004-12-05 Sideways Loved it! Loved it! Yet another great movie from Alexander Payne

Movies we have rented from Netflix (14 movies).

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2004-02-16 About a Boy Liked it Liked it  
2004-03-03 The Hurricane Liked it Liked it  
2004-04-24 Daimajin Really liked it Loved it!  
2004-05-21 Irma Vep Didn't like it Didn't like it The blurb I saw said movie industry satire. I'm not sure what movie they were talking about, but it wasn't this one.
2004-05-21 Kissing Jessica Stein Just okay Just okay Not as much hot lesbian action as Bound. :D
2004-05-29 Igby Goes Down Liked it Just okay  
2004-06-04 Secretary Liked it Liked it Marion: Well, at least they found each other
2004-06-21 Made Liked it Liked it Marion: liked it against my will. Rick Slade so needs a beat down. I was disappointed he didn't get it
2004-07-02 Gentleman's Agreement Just okay Just okay A bit dated. Peck's Bill should have gone with Celeste Holm's character.
2004-07-05 Y Tu Mama Tambien Just okay Just okay What was all the hoopla about?
2004-07-09 Standing in the Shadow of Motown Really liked it Liked it The number of hits these musicians generated is staggering. Some good performances by new vocalists with the original musicians.
2004-07-10 The Station Agent Loved it! Really liked it Very funny
2004-07-18 Sunshine State Liked it Liked it John Sayles never disappoints
2004-12-24 101 Reykjavik Liked it Liked it  

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