2003 Movie Rating List (39 movies)

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2003-01-12 Nicholas Nickleby Liked it Liked it  
2003-01-19 Chicago Really liked it Loved it! Man, there were a lot of gams in this movie!
2003-02-09 The Recruit Just okay Just okay  
2003-02-22 Shanghai Knights n/a Hated it! Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame
2003-03-09 The Quiet American Liked it Liked it  
2003-03-11 Catch Me If You Can Really liked it Really liked it Marion says the book was even better
2003-03-16 The Hunted Hated it! Hated it! Kurt: There's an hour and a half of our lives we won't get back. Marion: How bad was this movie? Let me count the ways...
2003-05-04 Bend It Like Beckham Liked it Really liked it  
2003-05-15 The Matrix Reloaded Really liked it Really liked it  
2003-05-18 X2 Liked it Liked it  
2003-06-21 Finding Nemo Liked it Liked it Well done and enjoyable, but not really as fun as the others
2003-06-28 Winged Migration Liked it Liked it  
2003-06-29 28 Days Later Really liked it Liked it Not as scary as it was made out to be, but pretty creepy at times
2003-07-05 L'Auberge Espagnole Just okay Just okay Audrey Tatou didn't have much of a part
2003-07-05 Whale Rider Liked it Really liked it  
2003-07-20 Swimming Pool Liked it Liked it  
2003-08-03 Johnny English Liked it Liked it Goofy fun
2003-08-23 Seabiscuit Really liked it Really liked it  
2003-08-24 Freaky Friday Liked it Liked it Good clean fun
2003-09-03 Jeepers Creepers 2 Liked it n/a Not as good as the first one
2003-09-06 Pirates of the Caribbean Really liked it Really liked it Arrr!
2003-09-14 Lost in Translation Loved it! Really liked it One of the best movies of this year
2003-09-27 The Rundown Liked it Liked it Quite a lot of fun
2003-10-04 School of Rock Liked it Liked it  
2003-10-11 Kill Bill, vol. 1 Really liked it Liked it  
2003-11-05 Matrix Revolutions Liked it Liked it Marion: Better than I expected. The scenes with the sentinels in Zion were impressive
2003-11-15 Shattered Glass n/a Liked it Whiny little snot. Blew a good gig.
2003-11-16 Master and Commander Really liked it Liked it It's hard to make a bad wooden ship movie (corollary to the Submarine movie rule)
2003-11-21 Love Actually n/a Loved it! Love in many forms (I sense a trend in Marion seeing movies without me :( )
2003-11-23 Cat in the Hat Just okay Liked it Needed more LSD, less Mike Myers
2003-11-23 Elf Just okay Liked it  
2003-11-28 Secondhand Lions Liked it Liked it A bit schmaltzy, but enjoyable
2003-11-30 Elephant Liked it Just okay Marion: Stressful and distressing. Kurt: Hard to say that you liked a movie that is about something so ugly, but it was well made and did a good job not trying to provide easy pat answers. Hard to take
2003-11-30 Gothika Just okay Just okay Paranormal thriller that ended with a whimper. Too many plot holes and a waste of Robert Downey, Jr.
2003-12-07 Love Actually Really liked it Loved it! Went back so Kurt could see it
2003-12-07 The Last Samurai Loved it! Really liked it What I wouldn't give for a set of that armor!
2003-12-17 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Loved it! Really liked it The series ended on a really high note. An astounding cinematic and storytelling achievement
2003-12-26 In America Liked it Liked it  
2003-12-26 The Cooler Liked it Liked it William H. Macy - he's good in everything

Movies we have rented from Netflix (8 movies).

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2003-01-26 Monsoon Wedding Liked it Liked it  
2003-06-20 Lagaan Really liked it Really liked it A strange mix of Gandhi, Hoosiers and Showboat
2003-07-26 All About Eve Really liked it Loved it! Not as snarky as we'd thought it would be. Snappy dialogue
2003-08-02 Wonder Boys Really liked it Really liked it Didn't go at all the way we expected
2003-09-18 Get Carter Just okay Just okay 60s Michael Caine movie that was remade by Stallone
2003-10-20 Sexy Beast Liked it Liked it Ummmmmm, okay. This is a strange one. Ben Kingsley does a great job
2003-11-28 Everybody's Famous Liked it Liked it Sort of a Flemish "King of Comedy"
2003-11-28 Monster's Ball Just okay Just okay  

Since we changed our rating system, I thought we should explain what the various icons mean. See the table for the meanings.
Icon Meaning
Loved it!Loved it!
Really liked itReally liked it
Liked itLiked it
Just okayJust okay
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Hated it!Hated it!
n/a n/a
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