2002 Movie Rating List (30 movies)

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2002-01-13 A Beautiful Mind Liked it Liked it  
2002-01-20 Black Hawk Down Really liked it Really liked it What a mess!
2002-01-20 Gosford Park Really liked it Really liked it  
2002-01-27 Amelie Loved it! Really liked it So nice, we've seen it twice
2002-01-27 Lantana Liked it Liked it  
2002-03-10 The Time Machine Just okay Just okay  
2002-03-17 Ice Age Liked it Liked it  
2002-03-30 Panic Room Really liked it Really liked it  
2002-04-01 Death to Smoochy Liked it Liked it "Heil Smoochy"
2002-04-07 High Crimes Just okay Just okay Eh. Needed more Morgan Freeman.
2002-04-22 The Rookie Really liked it Really liked it A solid movie that didn't get falsely sentimental or mawkish
2002-05-11 Spiderman Really liked it Really liked it  
2002-05-12 Enigma Really liked it Really liked it  
2002-05-16 Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones Really liked it Really liked it Better than Episode 1
2002-06-01 Bad Company n/a Just okay Lame. Really lame.
2002-06-16 The Bourne Identity Really liked it Really liked it  
2002-06-16 The Importance of Being Ernest Really liked it Really liked it  
2002-06-17 Windtalkers Just okay Just okay The story is a bit by the numbers.
2002-06-23 Minority Report Loved it! Really liked it Fantastic cinematography and a compelling story.
2002-07-28 Road to Perdition Really liked it Loved it!  
2002-08-04 Signs Really liked it Really liked it  
2002-08-11 My Big Fat Greek Wedding Liked it Liked it Very light, but lots of fun
2002-08-24 Mostly Martha Liked it Liked it A food movie, but less than so than the trailer led us to believe.
2002-10-12 Red Dragon Liked it Liked it Not as good as Manhunter (the original version of this story)
2002-10-12 Spirited Away Loved it! Loved it! Miyazaki does it again
2002-10-27 Punch-Drunk Love Liked it Liked it Off-kilter might be a good description of this movie.
2002-11-17 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Liked it Liked it Still missing that elusive sense of wonder that the books have
2002-11-17 Jonah Just okay Just okay A Veggie Tales flick that we took the nephews to see. Cute.
2002-12-18 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Really liked it Really liked it  
2002-12-23 Gangs of New York Liked it Liked it  

Movies we have rented from Netflix (26 movies).

Date Movie Kurt's Rating Marion's Rating Notes/Comments
2002-01-02 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Liked it Liked it  
2002-01-02 Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport Liked it Liked it  
2002-01-10 I'm the One That I Want Liked it Just okay "I wasn't ready for that! It was just ass right away!"
2002-01-30 Dancer in the Dark Liked it n/a Nice songs, but brutal subject matter
2002-03-19 The 400 Blows Liked it n/a Not quite what I expected, given the reputation
2002-05-04 Traffik Liked it Liked it British miniseries that Soderburgh's film was based on. 6 hours long, so it is more in-depth and one major story line is different
2002-05-12 Open Your Eyes Liked it Just okay Original Spanish film that became Vanilla Sky. Better than that, since the lead was better than Tom Cruise.
2002-06-28 Donnie Darko Really liked it n/a Intriguing movie with an endearing lead character
2002-06-28 Unforgiven Really liked it n/a Damn fine western that I hadn't seen in a long while
2002-07-02 Waking Life Just okay Didn't like it Interesting experiment, but uneven
2002-07-10 The Tao of Steve Liked it Liked it nice little movie
2002-07-23 Insomnia Liked it Liked it Marion finally got around to finishing watching this; I'd watched it a few weeks before
2002-07-27 The Game of Death Just okay Just okay  
2002-08-12 Mr. Death Just okay Just okay The guy is a bit off
2002-08-24 Pollock Liked it Liked it  
2002-08-28 The Straight Story Just okay Just okay  
2002-09-15 Hard Eight Liked it Liked it Paul Thomas Anderson's first movie
2002-09-15 Iron Monkey Loved it! Loved it! The commercials didn't do this movie justice!
2002-09-26 Heist Really liked it Just okay  
2002-09-28 Blade Liked it Liked it  
2002-10-06 Blade 2 Liked it Just okay  
2002-10-20 Ghost World Liked it Just okay  
2002-10-27 The Closet Liked it Liked it  
2002-11-30 The Way of the Gun Really liked it Just okay From the writer of The Usual Suspects
2002-12-05 The Brotherhood of the Wolf Hated it! Hated it! Not the movie the promos made it out to be. Painfully dull. Watched it to the end, but we're not proud of it.
2002-12-05 The Dinner Game Liked it Really liked it French farce, english subtitles. Quite funny, some people should be careful what they ask for.

Since we changed our rating system, I thought we should explain what the various icons mean. See the table for the meanings.
Icon Meaning
Loved it!Loved it!
Really liked itReally liked it
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Just okayJust okay
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