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Hi! Welcome to my home page. It's perpetually under construction. ;)

Here's a really bad picture of me taken with an Apple QuickTake 100:



I have an incredible compulsion to acquire and play games (just ask Marion). I maintain the FAQ and Web page for the game Cosmic Encounter, which is one of my favorite games. In the last four years, I've gotten into German games, since Germany actually has a culture where adults who play games aren't looked on as geeks, dweebs, and people who can't get laid. Accordingly, they have the most interesting games coming out. If you're interested try The Game Cabinet for more info, including the translation of the rules for Das Regeln Wir Schon! that I did, as well as my report of my amazing trip to the Essen game fair.

I've done up a list of my games in table format. There's also a version with a standard list, for those who can't do tables.


I enjoy listening to and playing music. Until moving in July, I played drums in a band called Visible Shivers. Click on the name to see more information including reviews of our independent releases One-Eyed Dog and Four Things.

I enjoy all genres of music. Some favorites are: classical (Mozart, Beethoven and Ives), metal (Overkill, Slayer, Sanctuary, Pro-Pain), jazz (Tony Williams, Raymond Scott, Miles Davis), country (Dwight Yoakam, Lyle Lovett) and modern rock (R.E.M., Concrete Blonde, The Bears, Psychodots).


I've been reading comic books since I was a Sophomore in high school. However, I've never been a big fan of the DC and Marvel school of "puncheminnaface" comics. Most of the books I read are from small press publishers or self-published. I did reviews for the Visible Shivers newsletter The Spine. On-line reviews include: Bone, Cerebus, Starchild, Hellboy, and Sin City. Click on any of the titles to see those reviews.

Other current titles of interest include Hepcats, Concrete, From Hell, Thieves and Kings, Replacement God, Scud: The Disposable Assassin, and Grendel Tales.


I'm a movie fanatic who enjoys most any genre if I can find films that will entertain. I'm not always looking for the Great American Movie. Favorite films include: Wings of Desire, Clerks, Raising Arizona, The Princess Bride, Raise the Red Lantern, Hard Boiled and La Femme Nikita.


I also have a scratch page for things that I'm working on for the Web.

Personal Data

I'm 30 years old and married. My wife Marion is hep to that HTML thing, too, but her page is currently off the air. Hopefully, we'll have something up soon.

I have two cats, Sphinx and Oppenheimer.

I'm a Senior System Administrator for UUNET Technologies.

Kurt Adam