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Arglebargle.com is the realm of Kurt and Marion Adam.

Movies are a passion of ours, and in 1999, we started tracking the movies we saw and our ratings for them.
The 2018 list is here. Links for the previous years are below.
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The Kitties

We currently have two cats: Our curmudgeon kitty, Serafina Pekkala, and the youngster, Max (Felis Maximus).

Sphinx, whom we had for 16 of her 17 years, passed away in Aug. 2006.
Oppenheimer, whom we also had for approx. 16 years, passed away Oct. 23, 2007.

Your good deed for the day

The Hunger Site.
Donate food to those in need (it doesn't cost you a thing).
Heroic Stories.
There's still some good in the world.